Jade is abnormally tall and relatively thin. Her style can best be described as elegant, leaning a bit towards the gothic side with the colors she chooses to wear.


She is very much an intellectual, with a love for words and literature. She knows the value of hard work and doesn't appreciate when others don't. Sometimes, she can appear as slightly odd, but overall, she comes across as very level-headed and smart. Her intellect does not make her seem self-absorbed or pretentious, and she is fairly humble.

Jade is kind and also wants to help whenever she can. Alex, as her best friend, is her primary focus on this help. She is an aspiring psychologist, so the skills she is learning are usually applied to analyzing why he feels the way he feels and reacts the way he does.

Relationship to others:

---Alexander Swaltz

Alex and Jade have been best friends for nine years. She brings out the best in him and encourages him to "be a little more positive". Without her, it is arguable that he would not be doing as well as he is. At this point, their relationship is purely platonic.

--- Christopher Leonard

Jade has been friends with Christopher since 5th grade. Since he moved up to grades, in 8th grade and then in sophomore year, she hasn't seen much of him and still thinks he's the same person she knew back then. Jade meets him in a library after two years and learns he is quite different. She almost doesn't recognize him, and as far as she knows, he was trying to act as if he didn't recognize her either. It is revealed that he has a crush on her, but whether that feeling is reciprocated or not is currently unknown.

---Leslie Ellecks

Jade has only seen Leslie once, and that was when Alice introduced her to Alex and his friends at lunch. There are more interactions between them to come, though.


- "Getting my priorities straight should have been one of those priorities, but I had others to attend to."

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