Christopher has short black hair and piercing blue eyes. His height can be described as medium-to-tall. For style, he has many clothing items from expensive stores, due to his parents' comfortable financial standing. He usually wears dress pants, or nice jeans if he's going to school, and a sweater or polo.


He has been privileged his whole life with fairly rich parents. They have always made sure that their son was aware of his gifted intellect, and that is most likely partially to blame for his arrogance. He can technically be categorized as a genius, based on his IQ. Christopher does truly think he's superior to many, but he does not think he is the best. That is what he strives for, and it bothers him that he hasn't achieved it yet. He is the type to do whatever is necessary to reach a goal and get what he wants. Christopher obviously hasn't been told "no" much in his life. By anybody.

Relationship to others:

---Alexander Swaltz

As far as we know, Christopher has no hard feelings against Alex. But Alex sure does have some against Christopher. [See page on Alexander Swaltz]

--- Jade Randolph

Jade and Christopher have been friends since 5th grade. They were quite close then, but never really talked much after he was moved out of 8th grade to skip to 9th. This, as well as the fact that he has had a crush on/has admired Jade for a while is revealed around chapter eight and nine.

---Leslie Ellecks

He did not know her very well until they switched bodies. Christopher describes living her life as something to the effect of "fascinating, an amazing experience", which says a lot about his personality and perception of the world.


- Humans never ceased to disappoint me. Maybe I was a hateful person, but we all are. The only difference is that some choose to accept it, and some are in denial.

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