Alice is quite a lanky and pale teenager. Her auburn hair is styled in a one-sided Mohawk, the other side having been shaved, though a light fuzz of hair remains. Her brown, bagged eyes are usually surrounded in a heavy layer of black eyeliner. She often wears an assortment of turtlenecks in dark colors, jeans, and sneakers.


She is quiet, and usually keeps to herself, but can be snarky and insulting if approached. To those who have attempted to befriend her, however, she can be nicer to. So, in truth, she is not harsh all the way through. Alice also holds an aura of mystery, as many are unsure if "Alice Phantom" just happens to be her real name.

Relationship to others:

---Leslie Ellecks

Leslie is in Alice's Biology class, and the latter spoke to her and introduced her to Jade and Alex during lunch.

---Alexander Swaltz

She hasn't had much contact with Alex, but did sit with him and Jade at their lunch table.

---Jade Randolph

She sits with Jade and her other friends at their lunch table.

---Christopher Leonard

She hasn't had contact with Christopher.

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