Alexander "Alex" Swaltz is short and thin, with chestnut brown hair and brown eyes. He doesn't have much of a sense of style, but has a love for shirts with references/witty and humorous sayings on them.


He is very cynical, bitter and antisocial. This is barely seen when he is with Jade, seeing as they have been best friends for nine years, but overall, he is not the happiest person. His mother left him and his father and since then, he has had the burden of taking care of the household since his father resorted to alcohol. This situation has made him fairly autonomous and independent.

Alex is also a big fan of technology, primarily computers, and is very skilled with them. This is most likely due to the enormous amount of free time he had and the fact that his best friend's parents own a software developing company.

Relationship to others:

---Jade Randolph

Alex and Jade have been best friends for nine years. She is one of the few individuals that he legitimately enjoys hanging around and trusts. At this point, their relationship is purely platonic.

--- Christopher Leonard

Alex hasn't spent much time with Christopher, but he hates him anyway. He feels that Christopher has a disgusting lack of respect for the others around him, and is overall, arrogant and narcissistic.

---Leslie Ellecks

Alex has only seen Leslie once, and that was when Alice introduced her to Alex and his friends at lunch. There are more interactions between them to come, though.


- "So, Leslie, what's it like sharing thoughts with an obnoxious, overbearing and overconfident boy? Anything special to report? Started believing you're a genius yet? Because, if you didn't already know, that's all this Chris dude ever thinks about."

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